The Extremely Low Earth Orbit Satellite (ELEO-Sat) was built for the Air Force Research Laboratory University Nanosat Program. It was designed with the purpose of collecting ionospheric data from an altitude of around 100km-300km while also testing the experimental Epsilon Drive, an ion engine designed to extend flight length. The satellite had solar panels mounted to it that would recharge its power supply while in orbit.

Kate Yoshino ('15), the student project manager who oversaw ELEO-at's design, recruited primarily engineering and computer science majors, but made a point to reach out to interested students with all areas of study.

ELEO-Sat advanced to the final 10 out of a pool of 30 applicants to the UNP competition. Although it never flew, the ELEO-Sat project gave many students invaluable experience learning about and designing space-worthy technology.

Faculty mentors: Bill Chapman, Jeff Dailey, Hank Voss

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