First Year - Senior Retreat

After half a semester of CSE orientation class, new majors go on a weekend retreat with seniors and faculty. While going through sessions designed to help students understand what a career in CSE looks like, Students get to know each other better through team building activities, games, worship, and more!


Freshmen, Seniors, and Faculty Enjoys Games, Food, and Sessions at Department Retreat


Students, professors, and faculty of the 2nd floor of Euler (CSE, Engineering, and Physics) enjoyed a weekend retreat October 19-20 [2019] off campus at a conference center about an hour away. At the retreat, participants engaged in sessions ranging from an open forum with the professors, to budgeting, to seniors sharing their lessons learned from their time at Taylor to new students. Additionally, participants were able to eat, converse, play, and worship together.

During their free time, students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with their peers and professors in a context outside their field of study. Students were able to play card games, pet the animals outside, play some volleyball, or just talk.

The 2nd Euler retreat is a longstanding tradition, having occurred annually for decades. It aims to welcome the new students while also sending out the soon to be graduated seniors, giving the two a chance to interact with each other, and the faculty that make it happen.