Poster Presentations

As part of student research and their senior capstone projects, students make and present posters explaining their projects' goals, processes, and achievements. These are opportunities for seniors to put all that they've learned into practice.


Posters for 2021-2022 are currently unavailable at this time.

Corpus Christi: Events Module

By Daisy Bell, Ryan Costello, Daniel Gibson, Wilson Secaur

A team of one Senior and three Juniors, this group added features and fixed issues in the User Interface and API of the Corpus Christi web app, a multi-year project designed to offer Church management abilities, with a special focus on international use.

The Genesis Box

By Jacob Hoekert, Kendall Miyakawa

The Genesis Box, a North Carolina business started by three women seeking to share the Gospel through creative mediums, needed a custom-built website-and this student duo stepped up to the challenge.

Corpus Christi: Translation Workbench

By Joseph Van der Harst, Jacob Haimes

This group worked on impementing a “Translation Workbench”, which enables translators and native speakers of various languages to categorize and improve multilingual information relevant to churches' ministries across the globe.

The Global State of Democracy

By Ariel Wentworth

Ariel used her statistical and computational knowledge to gather, interpret, and display measures of and contributors to democracy, gender equality, and fundamental rights around the globe. Her project culminated in a series of interactive visualizations, available online.

Grammatical Bible Search

By Alison B.

A student is building a Bible grammar structure analyzer with user-friendly design to make advanced Bible analysis possible for non-technical users, and non-fluent speakers.

MUSE: A Remote Music Library

By Ryan Houck and David Fletcher

A team of students designed a remote music library that can consolidate large music collections into a library that can be accessed anywhere.

Algorithmic Automotive Fuel Delivery Tuning

By Andrew Blomenberg and Dr. Jonathan Geisler

An algorithm that automatically reprograms engine controllers to allow for aftermarket engine modification

Studying Interactive Interfaces in Virtual Reality

By Ryan Jones and Dr. Jonathan Denning

Designing a virtual environment with an interface universal across many VR platforms.

Self-Directed Scripture Memorization vs. Guided Memorization

By Connor Wagner and Dr. Stefan Brandle

Researching effective scripture memorization strategies for use in an AI scripture memorization assistant.

UI Remodel

By Libby Edwards

Libby took on the challenge of giving Taylor's developing Game Contest Server a complete overhaul in terms of visual appearance and user experience. She took the webpage from left-aligned text blocks on solid-colored backgrounds to a user-friendly experience with a cohesive color scheme.