TSAT, Indiana's First Satellite

Launched April 2014

The Taylor Satellite (TSAT) was a 4x4x8 inch dual Cube-Sat designed and built by a team of CSE students to test a novel satellite communication method that used satellite-to-satellite networking to send data, and to investigate the largely uncharted ionosphere.

TSAT was funded by NASA after Taylor became the only undergraduate institution to win a slot in the ELANA-5 (Educational Launch of Nanosatellites). It was the first satellite made in and by Indiana to be launched into space.

After being launched by the SpaceX Dragon craft, TSAT achieved a connection in just 6 seconds--a complete success--and continued orbiting at almost 5 miles per second for another month before burning in the earth's atmosphere.

Faculty mentors: Stefan Brandle, Jeff Dailey, Hank Voss, Art White

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