Teams! The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Name Hollow
Picture 1 ../uploads/3-normal.PNG
Picture 2 ../uploads/3-inverse.PNG
Description Hollow is a platformer about a girl named Nicole and her journey through the Hollow. The Hollow corrupts people, causing them to doubt what is real.
How To Play Arrow Keys/Joystick/D-Pad => Move
X Button => Jump
O Button => Hollow Realm (must be unlocked)
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Members:Owen Elliott
Name Penelope Penelope
Description With two alternate versions of herself in parallel dimensions, Penelope must make her way through the ruins of an ancient civilization, the two versions of herself helping each other navigate the maze and find their way to freedom.
How To Play WASD
space to attack
Game URL link
Members:Imani, Brendan, Edric, Mary
The 3-51's
Name Carson Castles
Picture 1 ../uploads/5-TimeForCrab.PNG
Picture 2 ../uploads/5-YouFoundAMinigun.PNG
Description A completey seriuos game, with no misteks whatsoever. Also, we needed another couple hours.
How To Play Enter whatever you want from the prompted text, and there is another secret command--'Explore'!
Use this great power wisely!
Open the file in Idle, then press 'F5' to activate the shell. Everything will take care of itself from there.
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Members:Joey G, Matty G, Bricky C
Name The ONE
Picture 1 ../uploads/6-level.png
Picture 2 ../uploads/6-level2.png
Description Lovers separated by time and space...?
Help them find the one <3
How To Play Click the link below to play, or download and unzip file, then open the_one.html in a browser
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Game URL link
Members:Lily Pratico, Caitlin Gaff, Jessica Hofmeister, Benjamin Ryker
Name Exorsus
Picture 1 ../uploads/7-Exorsus 11_2_2019 9_27_09 PM.png
Picture 2 ../uploads/7-Title.png
Description Exorsus is a battle arena where you protect yourself from monsters while destroying the portal. Some art by Amelia Jones. Background tiles from "Tiny RPG - Forest", by ANSIMUZ
How To Play Space in Title Menu. Arrow keys to move. Space to spin. Left Shift to shield. Left Control to dash. Attack the orb in the center. Bamboo heals you.
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Members:Jeff Jewett
Ben and Jon
Name Parallel Worlds
Description A really fast proof-of-concept!

Graphics: "Arcade_Platformerv2" by grafxkid
Music: "Moving Into Uncertain Territory" by Experia (
Sound: "Chinese Gong Sound" by Daniel Simon, Attribution 3.0 (
How To Play left/right to move. up to jump.

wiggle the mouse :)
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Members:Dr. Jon Denning, Dr. Ben Roller
Name Lava Run
Picture 1 ../uploads/10-endscreen.png
Picture 2 ../uploads/10-credits.png
Description In an infinite running game, avoid lava pools with two linked characters. When one dies, the other runs faster until the former is revived. Good luck!
How To Play Mouse to control characters left-right
Space to change the distance between characters
Esc to quit
Avoid the lava!
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Members:John Pugsley
Name Another World
Picture 1 ../uploads/12-anotherworld.exe_001.png
Picture 2 ../uploads/12-anotherworld.exe_002.png
Description A platformer made on pico-8.
made for gamejam fall 2019.
Thanks to pico-8 mario bros clone for the coin collect noise
thanks to owen elliott for the idea of the screen shake


you where staring at a wall that had graffiti, A painted door, and words spelling `another world` then the door opened and sucked you in! try to escape this harsh landscape of doom.
How To Play Arrow keys to move.
Don't hit the colored blobs.
You are playing the red cube with long eyes.
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Members:Linus D, Samuel D
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Members:Benjamin Ryker, Jessica Hofmeister, Lily Pratico, Caitlin Gaff