Dr. Stefan Brandle

Dr. Stefan Brandle

Dr. Stefan Brandle

Professor and Department Co-chair of Computer Science and Engineering


What do I say? Great literature is supposed to have a catchy first line. Moby Dick begins, “Call me Ishmael.” But I’m not sure that I’m up to great literature. And my name’s not Ishmael. Should I write something profound? Something frivolous? What does one say about oneself in this sort of situation?


I wish to serve God in all aspects of my life. That commission includes my professional field and my job. All honest work is sacred—the plumber’s work is as sacred as the missionary’s work—but computer science is more than just honest work done in a sacred fashion. By building beautiful and intricate software tools, I celebrate the creativity that comes as a gift from God. Creativity is one of humanity’s “standard options.” The Bible includes it when it tells us we are created in the image of God. We get to be creative.


Computer programming is a creative endeavor, so I constantly get to feed and exercise my inner artist. Even better, I can make a living at it, so it’s not my inner starving artist. My family is glad for that.


Vital Stats

Wife: Christina
Children: Anna and Esther
▷ Ph.D., Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1998
▷ M.S., Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1992
▷ B.S., Philosophy, Wheaton, 1986

Home Country: Angola, Africa
Church: Upland Community Church, Upland
Hobbies: Gardening, reading, music
Favorite Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien and Frank Herbert


▷ 765.998.4685