Taylor Satellite and Space Program

TSAT, Indiana's First Satellite

Launched April 2014

The Taylor Satellite (TSAT) was a 4x4x8 inch dual Cube-Sat designed and built by a team of CSE students to test a novel satellite communication method that used satellite-to-satellite networking to send data, and to investigate the largely uncharted ionosphere.

TSAT was funded by NASA after Taylor became the only undergraduate institution to win a slot in the ELANA-5 (Educational Launch of Nanosatellites). It was the first satellite made in and by Indiana to be launched into space.

After being launched by the SpaceX Dragon craft, TSAT achieved a connection in just 6 seconds—a complete success—and continued orbiting at almost 5 miles per second for another month before burning in the earth's atmosphere.

Faculty mentors: Stefan Brandle, Jeff Dailey, Hank Voss, Art White

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Want In?

With students from all backgrounds contributing to our satellite builds, you could be part of the next Taylor team to send your work into space! Check out our ABET-accredited Engineering and Computer Engineering majors or contact us for more info on how to get involved.