Employer Feedback

Read what these employers have to say about Taylor University CSE students and grads in the workplace:


The Taylor intern that joined our team at Chick-fil-A was a great fit. Paul was confident and prepared – both in technical and business skills. His willingness to jump in and add value from day one was apparent… I am proud of his work and know he represented himself and his school well.
Chick-fil-A has had great success with finding interns at Taylor. Taylor’s Computer Science department is equal to the best CS departments at any of the big universities. Taylor also attracts and develops well-rounded individuals that are more than mere technical experts… Taylor provides such students, which is why we hope to continue partnering with Taylor in the future.

-Andrew Stohrer, Chick-fil-A

Mango Tree Feedback
I had a Taylor student, Levi, working for me two summers ago and it was a great success. Mango Tree Media is a small web design and development firm that specializes in customization of the Joomla Content Management System. We serve Small and Midsize businesses in central Indiana and all over North America.

-James Friesen, Mango Tree Media


Sentry Data Systems Feedback
We always love a good Taylor hire! We have consistently hired new graduates and existing graduates from Taylor. On almost all of our interviews with new / upcoming graduates:

-Taylor students / graduates perform notably better than other college graduates.
-They demonstrate a strong understanding of Object Oriented behavior as well as Database concepts.
-Many of them possess strong problem-solving abilities that other graduates seem to lack.
-They have an excellent work ethic.
-They are able to learn new concepts and technologies very quickly and require minimal training to get up to speed.

-Cyrus Keck, Sentry Data Systems

Camp Hebron Feedback
Our intern, Chris, was a knowledgeable and enjoyable intern to work with. His heart for mission brought him to us and he served well in our environment… He is a special young man in that he has both the intensity of a computer programmer and a love for people that you don’t generally see in driven problem solvers.

-Debbie Millette, Camp Hebron