ELEO Satellite

Taylor University was granted the opportunity to complete a satellite from the United States Air Force. This satellite, Extremely Low Earth Orbit (ELEO-Sat), is currently in Phase B of completion, and is scheduled to be finished in March of 2017. The ELEO-Sat is a 6U nanosatellite with the mission of ionospheric, low orbit exploration and discovery. The purpose of the ELEO-Sat is to accomplish the goals of science data collection and technology demonstration. From the science data collection side, there are three objectives. The first is to acquire high accuracy in-situ data in the relatively unexplored LEO atmosphere 110 to 350 km. The second objective is to improve physics based ionospheric, atmospheric, aerodynamic, and reentry models. Lastly, the third objective is to demonstrate new Globalstar Duplex data transfer using new modem audio and data command and Telemetry. From the technology demonstration side, the objective is to produce a completed satellite that will fly in space.

This is the 2015-2016 team
2015-2016 team


This is interior of the
SIGMA Drive of the satellite



This is the Ionospheric Region where the satellite will be in space