Student Projects

Senior Project Posters

As part of student research and their senior capstone projects, students make and present posters explaining their projects' goals, processes, and achievements. These are opportunities for seniors to put all that they've learned into practice, often for the benefit of a business or non-profit organization in the field, and then to gain experience presenting their work before a group of both peers and professionals.

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Satellite Program

Partnering with the Physics and Enginerring Department, as well as companies like NASA, Virginia Space, and NearSpace Launch, Taylor's CSE students have built 9 satellites, and launched 6 of them into orbit!

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First Year Projects

As a CSE student, you will get to take both COS 120 and 121, where you learn coding from the ground up, learning how to code AIs to play games like Checkers, Risk, and Battleships.

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Taylor Satellite (TSAT)

The Taylor Satellite (TSAT) is a student-developed dual Cube-Sat Unit nanosatellite participating in NASA’s ELANA-5 (Educational Launch of Nanosatellites). TSAT was selected by NASA in a competitive program with other universities and was the only undergraduate program chosen.

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Feature Selection for Malware Classification

By Mitchell Mays and Noah Drabinsky

April 28, 2017

In applying machine learning to malware identification, different types of features have proven to be successful. These features have also been tested with different kinds of classification methodologies and have had varying degrees of success.

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Improved User Security Through Graphical Feedback

By Justice Juraschek

July 27, 2016

While a plethora of security methods are available to end-users, there is a lack of adoption. We argue that one of the primary reasons for this is the absence of proper feedback within security-sensitive situations, a problem we seek to solve with a graphical representation of security-related consequences.

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