Student Project Posters

As part of student research and their senior capstone projects, students must make posters explaining their goals, process, and achievements.

All years: 2018-2019, 2019-2020

TU Laser Tag

By Drew Anderson, Caleb Anthony, Gabriel Gonzalez, Noah Eshuis, Kevin King, Nathan Resiler

A team consisting of both Computer Science and Engineering students upgraded the game of laser tag by designing a gun, mobile app, and website that facilitates games any time, anywhere.

Grammatical Bible Search

By Alison Bell

A student is building a Bible grammar structure analyzer with user-friendly design to make advanced Bible analysis possible for non-technical users, and non-fluent speakers.


By Caitlin Gaff, Jessica Hofmeister, Imani Muya, Keanan White

A team of students designed a fully functioning mobile game, where a player must help goo guy Gus find his way home through many perils.

MUSE: A remote music library

By Ryan Houck, David Fletcher

A team of students designed a remote music library that can consolidate large music collections into a library that can be accessed anywhere.

Arco Church: Corpus Christi Homegroups

By Christopher Maxel, Elliot Wirrick, Jordan Wood, Matt Dean, Tom Nurkkala

Students designed a system to facilitate church homegroup attendance tracking for Arco Church.

Corpus Christi: Places Module

By Lily Pratico, Elizabeth McMasters, Jordan Freitag, John Khol

As part of the Corpus Christi Arco Church website project, a team of students created a system to handle addresses and locations.

Corpus Christi: People Module

By Nicolas Rose, Jared Souther, Noah Frances, Peter Allan

This team of students added to the Corpus Christi Arco Church website project to improve the project's stability and structure for future work.