Student Project Posters

As part of student research and their senior capstone projects, students must make posters explaining their goals, process, and achievements.

All years: 2018-2019, 2019-2020

Corpus Christi: Event Planning

By Jason Argo, Joey Ferguson, Matt Hapner, Noah Lindsey, Seth Lugibihl, Tim Ours, Grace Rose, and Edric Yu

A team of students built a user friendly event planner for a church in Ecuador

Algorithmic Automotive Fuel Delivery Tuning

By Andrew Blomenberg and Dr. Jonathan Geisler

An algorithm that automatically reprograms engine controllers to allow for aftermarket engine modification

Programming Contest Server Update

By Andrew Blomenberg, Daniel Thomas, and Dr. Jonathan Geisler

Updating a software package that facilitates programming contests.

Corpus Christi Church Management Suite

By Bryson Shelor, Josh Bontrager, Tyrin Shupp, David Fletcher, Luke Brom, Josh Clement, Sarah Wenger, Luke White, Andrew Dorn, and Will Kercher

A church management web app built for an Ecuadorian Church.

Full Stack Web Development in Vue.js

By Cole J Calamos

Redesigning a company's management software and public website.

Game Design and Development

By Alec Ellsworth

Using Unreal Engine to create games with advanced visual design.

Identifying a Dog's Breed with Machine Learning

By Ben Frizeen, Dr. Art White

Creating a convolutional neural network to identify the breed of dogs in photos

OpenSolver LibreOffice Port

By Asher Gingerich, and Donghun Ha

A port of a Microsoft Excel extension to LibreOffice to allow for departmental operations research.

Macro Translation for OpenSolver

By Asher Gingerich

Translating Macro from Excel to LibreOffice Basic

User Interface/ User Experience for OpenSolver

By Donghun Ha

Creating an interface for OpenSolver that ensures good user experience

Animation Portfolio

By Gabe Helmuth

Creating a professional animator's portfolio.

Full Stack Web Development in Vue.js

By Adam Hursey, Cole Calamos, and Nate Meyer

Creating a web application to replace a company's document management system

Full Stack Web Development in Vue.js

By Adam Hursey

Creating a web application to replace a company's document management system

Studying Interactive Interfaces in Virtual Reality

By Ryan Jones and Dr. Jonathan Denning

Designing a virtual environment with an interface universal across many VR platforms.

Premalloc: Pre-Runtime Heap Segmentation for Dynamic Memory Allocation

By Jake Masters and Dr. Jonathan Geisler

Creating Premalloc, a dynamic memory allocation algorithm that utilizes program information to perform memory allocations more rapidly.

SDK for IOS Jailbreak Development

By Tom Metzger

Facilitating more efficient and reliable development and use of jailbreaks

Testing Full Stack Web Development in Vue.js

By Nate Meyer

Creating a web application to replace a company's document management system.

The Roleplaying Audio Mixer for Android

By Micah Stewart

An app that allows the user to create custom ambience soundtracks.

Programming Contest Server Tests

By Daniel Thomas, Andrew Blomenberg, and Dr. Jonathan Geisler

Creating a test suite to ensure the integrity of programming contest servers.

Self-Directed Scripture Memorization vs Guided Memorization

By Connor Wagner, Dr. Stefan Brandle

Researching effective scripture memorization strategies for use in an AI scripture memorization assistant.

Corpus Christi: A Web Application for Course Enrollment

By Ross Otto, Josh James, Brandon George, Josiah Keller, Imani Muya, Jacob Banks, Eliza You, Ryan Jones, Sam Skinner, and Lily Pratico

Creating a system to manage courses for a Church in Ecuador.