Planning Resources

Creating a Plan

As a college student, your four year plan is critical to getting the most out of your college education. Poor planning can cause you to miss out on options that work better for you, or lead to unbalanced loads from semester to semester, or even lead to additional semesters to complete a degree. Even if proper planning saves you from taking just one class that isn’t for you, or allows you to fit in just one more class that you really wanted, it is well worth careful thought.

A four year plan consists of every class you plan to take while in college, arranged by the semester you plan to take them. It doesnt have to be final, as it will probably change several times during your education. When planning, be sure to account for course prerequisites, courses that are only offered certain semesters or years, and degree requirements at the bottom of your major’s curriculum page.



*These plans are only to provide an idea of what classes you might take, and what a 4 year plan might look like, your 4 year plan will look different.