Dr. Art White


Dr. Art White



I teach because I believe the Lord has called me to teaching and I deeply enjoy teaching and time spent with young people. Seeing students become excited about the field of computing is extremely gratifying. I love experiencing the “aha!” moments as students comprehend new concepts in computer science. I enjoy working with students to help them develop their analysis, design, programming, and debugging skills. I find these skills apply not only to programming, but also to other areas of life.

The field of computer programming offers unique opportunities for students to serve and grow as professional young men and women. I want to challenge students to see their talents and abilities, even academic ones, as God-given and to encourage them to use their gifts to honor Him. We’re meant to use our talents and abilities to support our families, churches, communities, and vocations in the larger world. God can make use of these gifts in unique ways. Our department witnesses this as we develop software for churches and missions organizations and employ our skills in small businesses or in the corporate world.

Taylor has been a wonderful venue to live out my calling to teach—it is a unique school among Christian colleges. Students here are serious about knowing Jesus Christ and living out their faith in tangible ways. It has been a pleasure to meet numerous new students through the years, and to develop long-term friendships with some. We continually receive very positive feedback from employers about both the technical aptitude and the great attitude our students bring to the workplace. Because of this, most employers who hire one of our grads return to recruit additional graduates!



  • Ed.D., Biology / Computer Science Cognate, Ball State University, 1984

  • M.A., Computer Science, Ball State University, 1981

  • M.S., Biology, Ball State University, 1981

  • B.S., Biology, San Diego Christian College, 1979

Wife: Donica

Children: Keren, Nathan, Kristine

Hometown: Woodstock, Virginia

Church: Upland Community Church

Hobbies: Gardening, reading

Favorite Authors: A.W. Tozer


Email: arwhite@taylor.edu

Phone: 765.998.5165