Mr. Jeff Wallace

Chief of Police and Adjunct Professor

Mr. Jeff Wallace

Chief of Police and Adjunct Professor


As Chief of Police at Taylor University, Jeff Wallace holds a great deal of serious responsibility. However, he doesn’t let fear, power, or image get in the way of his purpose, which is to support the livelihood of the caring and vibrant intentional community between the students, faculty, and staff on campus. He often goes out of his way to say hi to students and meet their families, and though he’s met hundreds of people over his years of service, he still remembers an incredible number of their names!

Wallace did his undergraduate degree at Taylor before moving with his wife Lisa (also social work degree from TU ’90) to Metro-Detroit, MI, to serve as a police officer and detective. They stayed there for 13 beautiful and difficult years, seeing all three of their children come into the world, while also seeing some of the darkest parts of it.

The Wallace family moved back to quiet Upland in 2003, and since then, Jeff has overseen the Taylor University Police Department. His wife, Lisa, serves as Program Assistant for the Academic Enrichment Center, and all three of his children have since graduated from Taylor University.

You might be thinking, “If Jeff is Chief of Police, why is he here on the CSE website?” A good question with a simple answer: Professor Wallace also serves as an adjunct in the department, where has been teaching SYS 330 - Human Relations in Organizations for 6 years. This course has become a favorite of many students, as Professor/Chief Wallace intends for it to be a highly interactive and discussion-based time, where students are stimulated to understand the value relationship and effective communication has within all organizations from small groups, to a college class, to Fortune 500 companies. Given the class’ strong focus on human relations, Wallace emphasizes that nothing is more important than relationship. First, the personal relationship we share with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and then of course those relationships we share with family, friends, and our brothers and sisters around the world.



  • PhD in Criminal Justice – Domestic and International Terrorism, Liberty University (2024 anticipated)

  • Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Development, Taylor University (2014)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Social Work/Sociology, Taylor University (1989)

Favorite part of his job(s): The students, of course!

Family: Married to Lisa, with three children, Megan, Adrienne, and Brendan



Phone: 765.998.5396