Dr. Josh Hibschman

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Josh Hibschman

Adjunct Professor


I started my journey with CSE during a campus visit to Taylor in 2002, when the computer monitors were as deep as they are wide 😄. I enrolled as a full time student in ‘05, declared a double major in Business and Computer Science in ‘06, and graduated in Dec ‘09. Beyond the homework and campus life, I found myself spending time outside (and a couple times on top of 🔭) the science building getting to know an elementary-education major named Kelley, who later became my wife in 2010. We currently have three children: Lucy, Milo, and Reid.

After Taylor I started my career in Chicago at Accenture (thanks to a Taylor alum connection) helping Blue Cross Blue Shield build a new claim-processing system in Java (based on an older COBOL implementation). A year later I joined a talented group of software engineers at Slalom Consulting, where we built software products for all sorts of clients. Many of my peers had postgrad degrees in CS, which inspired me to start an after-hours Masters in CS at DePaul CDM Chicago in 2012.

In grad school I chose to focus on Data Science and Crowdsourcing, which led to my admittance into Northwestern’s PhD program in 2014. I studied under Haoqi Zhang in the Delta Lab, who wrote the founding dissertation on crowdsourcing as a computational environment design. I stepped away from campus in 2016 to work at Google for a 5 month research internship focused on machine learning and UI design under Jeff Nichols. In 2017 I defended a dissertation on automated code-learning environment design to a committee consisting of my advisor, Rob Miller, Darren Gergle, and Nell O’Rourke. After my PhD I was invited to research and build software in the world of digital finance, from blockchain research to asset trading.

In 2018 God led me to return to Taylor, where I started teaching part time in early 2019. Currently I teach Intro to Web Development, where we learn to make fun things 🚀 on the web, Human Computer Interaction, and Theory of Computation.



  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Northwestern University, 2017

  • M.S., Computer Science, DePaul University, 2014

  • B.S., Computer Science and Business Management, Taylor University, 2009

Church: Harvest North Indy

Hobbies: Star Trek, SciFi, Raspberry Pi Hacking, Gaming, Coffee, Cubing, Rig-Building, Cycling, Rowing

Favorite Authors: Randall Munroe, Isaac Asimov, AW Tozer, Eugene Habecker, Walter Isaacson

Favorite Programming Languages: Golang, Python3, Typescript, Kotlin

Favorite YouTubers: Mark Rober, Destin Sandlin, Colin Furze, David Murray

Personality Profile: INTJ, Enneagram 5


Email: josh_hibschman@taylor.edu

Phone: 765.998.5162 (CSE Office)