Dr. Jonathan Geisler

Associate Professor

Dr. Jonathan Geisler

Associate Professor


What can I say that’s enlightening? I’m not as funny as Dr. Brandle, so I think I’ll just be plain and tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a Taylor Computer Science and Engineering grad (Dec. ’94), so I’ve been involved in the department since 1991. I took a couple years off to work at Argonne National Laboratory before attending Northwestern University for my PhD. Technically, I’m a Computer Engineer, so I work with the Physics department to make sure that program is up to snuff. I also get to teach a bunch of fun classes and assign cool, geeky assignments. You can check them out on the projects page if you like.

Enough of me professionally, here’s some more personal stuff. I’ve been married to Debra since April 2001. She’s a counselor here, too. She gets to work with students who are trying to work through issues in their lives to become what God wants them to be.

We have a daughter (Blessing Leigha) born on my birthday, 2004. It’s kinda weird to share your birthday with someone in your family, but it was an awesome present from God! I’m guessing it will continue to be special as the years pass by.

We also have a dog (Dutch). It’s mostly a black lab, but probably a mix of some other breeds, but we can never figure them out. I think they may be rabbit, mountain goat, and cheetah. 🙂 Seriously, Debra once saw another dog that looked exactly like her and discovered that the other dog was a full-bred “field lab.” I’m not sure what the difference is between a field lab and a lab retriever and I haven’t bothered to Google for the answer. Maybe I’ll get to it one of these days…



  • Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Northwestern University, 2003

  • M.S., Computer engineering, Northwestern University, 1999

  • B.S./Systems, Computer Science, Taylor University, 1995

Wife: Debra

Children: Blessing, Hanna, Grace

Hometown: Twin Cities, Minnesota

Church: Exit 59, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Gas City

Favorite Book: Ender’s Game

Pets: Tuck, a yellow lab

Claim to fame: I’m known as the open source guy in the department, and I’m proud that I’ve managed to expunge all proprietary software from my laptop.


Email: jgeisler@cse.taylor.edu

Phone: 765.998.5269