Professor Bill Bauson

Bill Bauson Taylor University

Professor Bill Bauson

Director of Systems and Assistant Professor


As a kid, I was always interested in electronics. In junior high and high school I would always be taking things apart and designing circuits for fun.


I also really enjoy music. I play the keyboard, guitar, drums, and occasionally banjo in church. In the 1970s, I bought an old electronic organ and took it apart. I turned it into a synthesizer by connecting the keyboard to an electronic circuit I built. I could then record the music into a tape recorder. Today, most of that is done with computers—my synthesizer is really more of a museum piece now.

Our whole family is musical, actually. For many years, our family would host about 40 guests for a chili dinner and a music program in our house, and we’d ask the guests to donate to Kafakumba Training Center in Zambia. Eventually, we became missionaries at the mission compound in Zambia, where I ran the woodworking shop, managed the mission’s finances, taught classes, and worked with computer systems.


Working in Zambia showed me that all the skills I learned while at Delphi Automotive Systems are transferable to missions. It showed me how the things students learn at Taylor can be used in missions. For example, people in the third world want to be part of the first world, so they ask us to teach them how to use computers. By living and working in a third world country, I saw how good we have it here and how much of an impact we can have in God’s kingdom.


Vital Stats

Wife: Cassie
Children: Grace (33), Sarah (30), Laura (29), Jesse (27), Peter (24), Keith (23)

▷ M.S., Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, 1982

▷ B.S., Electrical Engineering, General Motors Engineering and Management Institute / Kettering University, 1980

Hometown: Kokomo, Indiana (but I was born in the Philippines)
Church: Kokomo Zion United Methodist Church
Hobbies: Music, electronics, video production, camping, fishing, running, cycling, cosmology
Favorite Authors: CS Lewis, David Platt, Isaac Asimov, Ben Bova
Pets: Barn cats, steers, chickens

Claim to fame: Built a Tesla coil that generates sparks 5 feet long.


▷ 765.998.5164