By Tim Swanson | May 21, 2019

The TU CSE GameJam is a game jam series hosted every semester by the CSE Department and Dr. Jon Denning and run by students at Taylor University. A game jam is a short, fun, and intense party during which students get together to develop a video game from scratch. Regardless of major or knowledge of programming, all TU students are invited to participate!

Taylor CSE’s GameJam is a competition where teams work to design the best game in a day. Students can make any type of game imaginable, so long as it can be done in 24 hours. Teams can have up to two coders, and any number of graphics designers, story writers, composers, ect.

After a day of endlessly debugging trivial mistakes, snacking more unhealthily than one would be willing to admit, and putting less time into testing than they ought to, the students then submit their games to a panel of judges.

It works like this:

Students brainstorming their game

Students brainstorming their game

  • After voting on a Game theme, a soft start takes place on Thursday night and student teams begin brainstorming game concepts and working on graphics, sound, storyline, ect.

  • On Friday evening, the clock starts and coding begins, students have 24 hours

  • Students are free to make any game they want, so long as it can be related to the theme

  • Once the clock runs out, students submit their games and present them with a demo.

  • After meeting, the panel of judges announces 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and are given 3D printed trophies

Any medium is fair game, even VR!

Any medium is fair game, even VR!

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If you want to sign up for the next GameJam, learn more about previous competitions, play previous games, or learn more about the rules, visit the GameJam website!