CERIAS Security Symposium

By Dannie Stanley | April 7, 2018

By: Dannie M. Stanley Sat, Apr 7, 2018 Ported from CyberSecurity Site

This week eight students ventured with me to Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, to attend the 19th annual CERIAS Security Symposium. As a graduate student at Purdue I was heavily involved with CERIAS, so the trip was both highly relevant to our students and a good chance for me to reconnect with cybersecurity colleagues.

Symposium presenters and panelists are cybersecurity experts from academia, industry, and government. The topics range widely from technical to policy to social. At Taylor, we focus on the computer science aspects of cybersecurity (our major is primarily a computer science degree). The symposium gives students an opportunity to put the bytes and algorithms into the broader security context – learn the lingo, what is important today, how we arrived in the current situation, the state of the art, and who’s who in cybersecurity.

In addition to cybersecurity, students are also exposed to graduate school-level research. I don’t expect all of our graduates to continue on to graduate school. However, I like for them to have an accurate picture of what it might be like. Often students find research that is interesting to them and within their grasp, which helps demystify postgraduate work.

While in West Lafayette, I couldn’t pass up the chance to introduce the students to my favorite cafe on the planet, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co for coffee, gelato, crepes, and donuts.