Systems Option

What is Systems?

▷ Systems is not a minor in Computer Science. The goal of the Systems curriculum is to help students recognize that the world is filled with systems (like educational, distribution, and manufacturing systems). It is the processes inhabiting these systems that produce value and help organizations achieve high performance. Our graduates are enjoying careers at enterprises of all sizes, including global consulting companies.


Who should take Systems?

▷ Most systems analysts will never write a line of computer code in their professional careers. But they will certainly be managing projects involving application software, so it’s vital that they have first-hand knowledge of software development. Some students discover they actually are very good programmers and seek programming opportunities upon graduation.


If you are a problem-solver, consider adding Systems to complement your major. Study what you love and look forward to a great job after graduation!


The Systems curriculum complements almost every major by sharpening students’ analytical skills, introducing them to technology, and teaching them how world-class enterprises improve their quality. The goal is to give students in-depth exposure to system development because this experience is essential for future system analysts and managers.



▷ Almost any major can add Systems to their degree

▷ See updated course descriptions in Taylor’s Academic Catalog.

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It’s all about how you use your resources

△ You may have seen advertisements like this one.

What in the world is Accenture selling? The basic answer is “systems.” Accenture’s mission is to help their clients achieve “high performance.”

Accenture often does this by helping their clients hone their business processes or implement new technologies. The Systems curriculum is designed to help students do what Accenture does.