Digital Media

What is CS Digital Media?

▷ CS Digital Media is the ultimate hybrid of logic, design, and communication. Students in the major are analytical, but also have a creative side.

CS Digital Media is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Computer Science & Engineering with help from the Communication and Art departments. Students learn core concepts of computer science and learn how to utilize digital tools to effectively and creatively communicate their ideas.

Students in this major are required to pass a comprehensive examination during their senior year consisting of an examination and project course.

What can I do with CS Digital Media?

▷ Our students have worked with various organizations, such as Tiny Hands International, to develop mobile applications or design websites. This program prepare students to work for film productions and even create computer generated movies! 


  • Computer Science / Digital Media (B.A.)
    • Requires 57-58 credit hours in the major
    • Requires two years of foreign language
  • Computer Science / Digital Media / Systems (B.S.)
    • Requires 57-58 credit hours in the major
    • Requires 20 Systems credit hours
▷ See updated course descriptions in Taylor’s Academic Catalog.
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Alumni Ashley Crutcher

Ashley, a CSDM alumni, designs user-friendly websites. Learn how she got started here!