Computer Science—Digital Media

Alumni Ashley Crutcher

Ashley, a CSDM alumni, designs user-friendly websites.

Computer Science—Digital Media is the ultimate hybrid of logic, design, and communication. This is the major for you if you find yourself drawn to analytics but also have a creative side. You will learn the core concepts of computer science and be able to further develop your creativity and communication skills.



  • Computer Science—Digital Media is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Computer Science & Engineering, Communication, and Art departments.
  • Students in this major are required to pass a comprehensive examination during their senior year consisting of an oral examination, portfolio, and project course.


  • Computer Science / Digital Media (B.A.)
    • Requires 57-58 credit hours in the major
    • Requires two years of foreign language
  • Computer Science / Digital Media / Systems (B.S.)
    • Requires 57-58 credit hours in the major
    • Requires 20 Systems credit hours

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