Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

▷ Computer Science is a broad field with many exciting opportunities that go beyond merely writing software. We believe Fred Brooks best described computer science as, “concerned with making things, be they computers, algorithms, or software systems.”

Computer Science is a discipline that emcompasses both theory and applications with significant implications in how we live through our lives technology

What can I do with Computer Science?

Learn countless programming languages such as Python, C++, Java, and more! Using these tools, students have gone on to become software engineers, web developers, and computer system analysts.

Our students are encouraged to incorporate other disciplines that may interest them to produce creative or new ways of developing computer science. During senior year, students choose a programming project that particularly “interests” them.

The computer science degree at Taylor provides students with highly motivated instructors who specialize in various areas of computer science.


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Requires 64 credit hours in the major
    • Requires two years of foreign language
    • Receive a solid computer science background
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    • Requires 80 credit hours in the major
    • Receive an education designed for proceeding into graduate school
  • Bachelor of Science with Systems
    • Requires 64 credit hours in the major
    • Requires 20 Systems credit hours


  • Requires 25 credit hours in the major
  • Includes Computer Science and Systems courses
  • Students in almost any field can supplement their major with a minor in Computer Science.
  • The Computer Science minor equips students with an understanding of coding, web design, and computational problem-solving.

▷ See updated course descriptions in Taylor’s Academic Catalog.

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Students learn problem-solving skills for coding and life.