Computer Science Minor

Student working with wires

A Computer Science minor ties into many professions, not just programming

“I’ve got to be honest about some unfortunate news: I’m probably not going to hire you.”
Many college graduates are realizing the extent of this statement. Knowing Microsoft Office won’t cut it anymore. So what does it take to get hired? Kirk McDonald talks about why he’s not hiring college graduates in his article, “Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won’t Hire You,” from the Wall Street Journal. His reason is simple: Because many college graduates cannot program.

Now, bear in mind that McDonald isn’t asking for the genius programmers that we see on TV.  What he’s talking about is having a basic understanding of how to code. Pick up some Python and HTML and see what happens when you put those skills on your resume.


  • Students in almost any field can supplement their major with a minor in Computer Science.
  • The Computer Science minor equips students with an understanding of coding, web design, and computational problem-solving.
  • Gives graduates an extra edge in job-searching.


  • Requires 25 credit hours
  • Includes Computer Science and Systems courses

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