Photo of Euler Science Complex

Students study and work in the Euler Science Complex, a LEED Gold certified building

Computer Science

taylor university capture the flag

Students learn problem-solving skills for coding and life.

Computer Science is a broad field with many exciting opportunities that go beyond merely writing software. The Computer Science degree is unique at Taylor in that you can not only learn core computer science concepts but may also choose electives that interest you.

– The B.A. degree is designed to provide a solid background in the field for those wishing to immediately enter a career in computer science or related fields.

– The B.S. degree is designed primarily for students wishing to pursue graduate study in computer science and adds the Systems analysis component

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Computer Science — Digital Media

Alumni Ashley Crutcher

Ashley, a CSDM alumni, designs user-friendly websites.

Computer Science – Digital Media is the ultimate hybrid of logic, design, and communication. Students in the major tend to be analytical yet creative, and learn the core concepts of computer science and web development while also taking classes on graphic design, photography, and film production. This leads to an extremely versatile degree that prepares students to work as a programmer, web designer, user experience designer, or anywhere in between.

– Digital media is offered both as a BA and BS degree. The BA degree requires four semesters of foreign language, while the BS degree simply adds the Systems Component.

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Computer Science — Cybersecurity

Join TrojanSec, the first cybersecurity club on campus.

Computer Science — Cybersecurity equips students to analyze applications using tools, methodologies, and other techniques to identify and apply defensive programming techniques. If you are interesting in learning how to defend your programs from malicious attacks or other vulnerabilities, this may be the major for you.

– The core requirements for the B.S. degree are listed on the Cybersecurity website.

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Computer Engineering

Taylor University drone

Computer Engineering seniors programmed this drone.

Computer Engineering prepares students for employment and/or graduate programs involving robotics, biomedical implants, telecommunications, data acquisition systems, and other complex hardware-software systems. Computer Engineering at Taylor University is an ABET accredited program.

– This is an interdisciplinary major offered jointly by the Computer Science & Engineering and Physics departments as a B.S. degree.

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