Cybersecurity Concentration

What is Cybersecurity?

▷ Cybersecurity focuses on the security and defense of digital information.


Our students learn how computers and networks work. They learn how to find vulnerabilities and how to control or exploit them.


Taylor’s Cybersecurity concentration focuses on the actual nuts and bolts of cybersecurity. Our students learn how to control and fix vulnerabilities in computing. They learn how to create the tools that security analysts and policymakers will use or organize.


What can I do with Cybersecurity?

▷ Our students may pursue careers with organizations including the NSA and FBI, and defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Sentry Data Systems. We aim to expose students to graduate school opportunities and enable them to network with potential employers.


The United States government funds a great deal of cybersecurity work and requires its employees to pass a government security clearance. Because our students are primarily U.S. citizens and are often led by a strong moral compass, they are often more likely to obtain a security clearance.



▷ Cybersecurity at Taylor is a Computer Science concentration
▷ Students must take two special electives to complete the concentration
▷ See updated course descriptions in Taylor’s Academic Catalog

Dr. Dannie Stanley

Dr. Dannie Stanley directs the Cybersecurity program

Capture the Flag

▷ Our Cybersecurity students often participate in a virtual game of Capture the Flag. Students work in teams to defend their program’s “base,” while also attacking other the bases of other teams. Capture the Flag requires unconventional, creative, and strategic thinking. It is this kind of battle of wits that draws many to cybersecurity. In 2016, our teams placed first and third in the competition.