Areas of Expertise

The Taylor University Computer Science degree offers several focuses that students may take as electives. These areas of expertise provide more options for Computer Science students who enjoy specific aspects of computer science. These are suggestions to guide you as you build your degree and are not recorded on your academic transcript.



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at Taylor University

Three students built this robot that plays Rock Band.

If you were the kid who played with LEGO robots or dreamt of programming something that interacts with humans, then Artificial Intelligence may be for you. These electives are designed to teach you how to design software that can “think” intelligently.


This specialty emphasizes a multi-fold examination of programs that model intelligent human behavior. The majority of students who take Artificial Intelligence courses say they solve problems better after their experience in building intelligent systems.

Check out this Artificial Intelligence project: Rock Band Robot by students David Colgan, Chadd, Schaffer, and Sean Knutson. They built a machine that can play Rock Band!

Computing Research

students working on a project

Boldly go where no one has gone before, from the safety of your research desk.

Planning to attend grad school after Taylor?  Computing Research guides students in a research project under faculty supervision. Students also conduct a survey of current and classical computing literature to guide them in their research and studies. 


Computer graphic airplanes that look real

Is it a photo or an illustration?

If you find that animations and graphics are more your style, Computer Graphics might be the track for you. You’ll study core computer science classes but also add graphics classes like Surfaces and Modeling, Animation, and Computer Graphics.


Not only will you be able to create computer graphics, but you will gain an understanding of how technology operates in a visual-centric society. These classes prepare you for potential jobs as an animator, a technical director, and other related occupations.

Operating Systems and Hardware

Wires inside a computer

Don’t cut the red wire!

If you like to think about the physical parts underneath your computer’s hood, you might enjoy Computer Systems. Students become familiar with the hardware structure of computer systems and learn different models of computing. This group of electives prepares students for graduate-level courses in computer architecture.

Computing Theory

words relating to computing theory

Computing Theory gives students experience with many different coding languages

Computing Theory electives focus on the patterns and possibilities within programming. Classes study algorithm design and data structures while considering what can be efficiently computed. Students will complete a survey of programming languages and become familiar with language rules including grammar, syntax, and translation.