Quote Board

At a certain level of sleep deprivation, you’re not quite yourself anymore. Or maybe it’s just that you’re mesmerized from staring at the same piece of code that just has to be correct, but for some strange reason doesn’t run correctly.

Some people at CSE find great joy in catching people with their quote-guards down. And of course, there is the fine art of extracting a perfectly innocent quote from its original context.

“If I don’t have the exam to you within the hour I will give you each $50.”
Dr. Cramer

“I am just saying, I’ve TA’d, graded, made up exam questions, and helped design a major. I want an office.”
-Ashley Crutcher

“This is the virus known as Microsoft Power Point”
Dr. Nurk

“Even Dr. Geisler had to look them up.”Dr. Brandle
“Dr. Geisler had to look something up?!” -Dustin Waldron

“Their neighbor, their neighbor’s dog ate the cell phone.”
Dr. Brandle

“This is what I do every time I do something right: I have a little party”
-Beth Hicks

“The way I see it if I buy a movie I should be able to play it on any device. If I want to have my toaster play me a movie I should be able to do that!”
Dr. Cramer

“An order for deep fried death coming right up!”
-Austin Stoltzfus, referring to writing papers

“There are other people in big metal boxes going sixty miles per hour while texting!”
-John Gibson, explaining why he hates driving

“I meant the normal SASS, not the ‘we’re all geeks’ SASS.”
-Kimi Yackel, referring to the fact that she was not referring to Syntically Awesome StyleSheets

“Cats are basically the most useless machine ever.”
-Josh Wilhelm

“You have enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot.”
Dr. Nurk

“We’re a very rushed society, we eat individuals now.”
-Dr. Geisler, meaning to say that we eat as individuals.

“Your TA’s are here to help you, even the ones that are falling asleep in the back.”
Dr. White

“I wonder if God ever had issues with his compiler.”
-Daniel Keller, on building trees

“Dr. White, can I have a database for Christmas?”
-Robert Long
“Make your own from scratch! Ho! Ho! Ho!”
Dr. White

“You guys are the only thing between me and my weekend.”
-Dr. Aguilar, to his Discrete Math class on Friday

“How do I hate Windows, let me count the ways.”
-Dr. Toll

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”
Dr. Nurk