Literature Corner

Are you tired of the silly view outsiders have of computer people? They think that the only thing we do is program and play computer games. In our innermost selves—our sensitive, artistic core—we are hurt by these stereotypes. Here is evidence of the deep, literary spirit that blazes within us!

A Hash Table Haiku Collection (Joanna LaForge)

Binary searching
Is faster than linear
But not like hashing

Hashing places item
And finds it in constant time
The user is glad.

Perfect hash functions
Can find for any data
But are difficult

Untitled 1 (David Whittington)

He awakes, pulse pounding, head throbbing, alive but unable to feel. What is this place, this darkness? A wave of thought passes through his mind. Could he be dead? No, that’s too simple. The undiscovered country, the afterlife, whatever you want to call it, this is not what death is like. This is sharper, more jagged.

Suddenly the scene shifts. A wash of brightness threatens to blind him. As he adjusts to the light he slowly distinguishes the outlines of a face. He stares unable to blink. The face grows clearer. Suddenly he realizes it’s staring at him. Then he remembers. They always stare. They always stare! Day and night they always stare! Don’t they know he has feeling, don’t they know he can see them. No! They always stare. It’s too much. He can’t take it anymore. A silent scream reaches towards the sky. He fades into oblivion and is gone.

“Hey Nate, this monitor just died.”

“I’ll have to check into that.”

“Hmm . . . Ok. I suppose I’ll just use another computer.”