A Night at White’s

Cinnamon Rolls

Mrs. White’s fabled cinnamon rolls

During fall break, a time typically spent by Taylor students for a healthy combination of relaxation and homework, a bunch of Computer Science and Engineering students as well as a few professors gathered for a Saturday night of fun at Dr. White’s house. We were originally expecting a bonfire with s’mores and lawn games, but the unfortunate presence of driving rain drove us inside. The rained out bonfire was no worry, though—there is never a shortage of food nor games at the White house.

The food was as good as the food always is at the White’s, as Mrs. White’s fabled cinnamon rolls almost made the whole night worth it in and of themselves. And that’s not even to mention the wonderful cheesy potato soup, tube steaks (read: hot dogs), pumpkin cake, and other treats. The food wasn’t the only event of import on the night, however, as after our bellies were filled we gathered around the tables for a night of card and board games.

Dutch Blitz

Who’s up for a game of Dutch Blitz?

I gathered around the Scum playing table while others gathered to play Dutch Blitz and Skip-Bo (two games which I am aware enough of my badness at to stay away from). Dr. Geisler managed to quickly beat all of us while simultaneously watching after his three young daughters—now that’s some expert parallel processing for you. After his daughter’s early bedtimes drove him home, the field opened up for a well-played victory by senior Andrew Dillon. As for me, I’m just glad I managed to avoid coming in last in a room full of people who crunch clever algorithms for breakfast.

It’s a shame that Dr. White was at the other table—his competitive side is always an absolute joy to witness. We were still able to hear him clearly enough from the next room over; his playful derivations such as “Turkeylips” and game-ending shouts of “Stop! Nobody move!” when he emptied his deck in Dutch Blitz provoked laughter from all of us in the house. It really is great having professors that you can freely play games and enjoy food with. I know it’s cliché to say this—but it’s also true—the Taylor Computer Science and Engineering department is really more than just a science department.

So when we gathered to return to campus at the end of the night, we did so with full bellies and light hearts. There’s still a lot of work left and a lot of things left for all of us to learn during the rest of this semester and beyond, but refreshing nights like the one at White’s really do help everything from ever becoming too hard. I’m thankful to be at Taylor—a place where all of this is possible.

—Brandon Reppert, sophomore Computer Science student

Originally published July 2013