Department Fun

Our community spends much of its time in the state-of-the-art Euler Science Complex, where students work on projects and get help from faculty and staff. But we know how to have fun, too! Professors invite students over for dinner and games, students and faculty go paintballing, and students write lovely poetry.



taylor students playing paintball

Some days you just need to shoot colored paint at your friends

CSE students and professors eliminate their stress on the paintball field. What better way to spend an afternoon?


students playing game jam

The 2015 GameJam lasted just under 24 hours

A game jam is an intense party where students team up to develop a video game from scratch in a very short amount of time. The TU CSE GameJam is hosted by the Computer Science and Engineering department and Dr. Jon Denning, and run by students at Taylor University. Regardless of major or knowledge of programming, we invite all Taylor students to participate!
Read more about the GameJam from The Echo.

Literature Corner


Programmers by day, poets by night

Are you tired of the silly view outsiders have of computer people? They think that the only thing we do is program and play computer games. In our innermost selves—our sensitive, artistic core—we are hurt by these stereotypes. The literature corner is evidence of the deep, literary spirit that blazes within us!

Quote Board


Computer science students say the darndest things

At a certain level of sleep deprivation, you’re not quite yourself anymore. Or maybe it’s just that you’re mesmerized from staring at the same piece of code that just has to be correct, but for some strange reason doesn’t run correctly. However your mental state came about, you sometimes say things you might not have planned to say. Read the silly, profound, and sometimes scary quotes from our students, faculty, and staff.

A Night at White’s

Cinnamon Rolls

Mmmm, Mrs. White’s fabled cinnamon rolls!

Students and professors took the evening off for a game night at Dr. White’s house. Mrs. White even made her famous cinnamon rolls!