About Us

At Taylor University, the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) department is more than just a section of the science building. We have our own community on the second floor of the environmentally sustainable Euler Science Complex that flourishes as a learning environment. The project lab offers an excellent space for students to come and work with each other. But high-tech labs and computers don’t push the limits of computer science by themselves—that’s where you come in!


Don’t get the idea that the Taylor Computer Science & Engineering department is all about work. We also have fun! We host paintball games, GameJam competitions, and movie nights—just to name a few. Students also take on fun extracurricular projects, such as campus-wide laser tag. We’d love for you to come check us out! You can contact us and continue browsing our site to find out more.


Our Mission

In support of the overall mission of Taylor University, CSE’s mission is to educate men and women who sense God’s calling to technical professions involving information and computation. We aim to:

  • Produce an understanding of the need for continual learning in today’s ever-changing technological environment
  • Enhance and broaden the university mission “to minister the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need”
  • Foster the desire and ability to apply technology to support and accomplish these goals

We Commit to:

  • Honor God in all we do in pursuing academic and moral excellence
  • Nurture and pray for our students to aid them in becoming outstanding professionals motivated to serve Jesus Christ
  • Believe that all truth, including mathematics and science, is God’s truth and that the Christian faith should permeate all learning
  • Provide a current and challenging curriculum that is on par with the best undergraduate programs in the nation
  • Provide service learning experiences, not only to enrich students’ learning but also to bless the Church and advance the gospel
  • Provide an environment that fosters a visionary mindset and the desire for continued learning

Our Alumni

Alumni Ashley Crutcher

Ashley designs websites with users in mind

▷ Sometimes alumni Ashley Crutcher designs websites that convince people to buy products, like guacamole. But sometimes her goal is more serious, like convincing people to follow Jesus. Read more about Ashley Crutcher.


Luke Ehresman

Luke and his family traveling in the Swiss Alps

▷ Alumni Luke Ehresman created SquirrelMail when he was just 19. Now he’s the Chief Technology Officer of Gazelle Network. Read more about Luke Ehresman.