There is no such thing as teaching, only learning. Monty Roberts
Hunter stalking deer: southern Africa

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Automated Grading Tutorial (ppt, pdf).

I spent a year teaching at the University of Mauritius (Indian Ocean) as a Fulbright Scholar. And then we spent the fall of 2012 in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our blog with about 60 posts and tons of the very best photo-journalism available :-) is at "".

Curriculum Vitae (CV): PDF format
BlueJ Crossword puzzles

Classes Fall 2014:
  • Webpage Programming (COS 143)
  • Foundations of Computer Science (COS 121)
  • Current Literature Survey (COS 310)
  • Natural Science Seminar (NAS 480)
Classes January 2013:
  • Webpage Programming (COS 143)

Classes Spring 2013:
  • Foundations of Computer Science (COS 121)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (COS 280)
  • Data Communications (COS 331)
  • Mobile Device Programming w/ Android (COS 370)
  • Cyber-testing research (senior thesis project)

UNIX: it does a body good.

Esther really likes her kitty, Thomasina.

Thomasina is still figuring things out.

Baby pictures

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