OpenGL, GLUT and GLUI under Win XP with Dev-C++ .NET (VC7)

If you are compiling from the CSS labs, the library, dll, and header files are installed properly.

To create a Dev-C++ project for an OpenGL program using the GLUT or GLUI toolkits:

  1. Create a Console Application (C for GLUT, C++ for GLUI)
  2. Add GLUT and GLUI libraries: Project -> Project Options and add
    -lopengl32 -lglu32 -lglut32 -lglui -lwinmm -lgdi32
    as "Further object files . . . "
  3. Add the source code for the application to the project

The necessary .lib, .dll, and .h files are available below. The suggested installation locations are valid for a default installation. All files are installed correctly on the CSS lab machines. If you wish to compile on your own machine, only the glut and glui files need to be copied. If you wish to compile only glut applications, the glui files are not needed. If you wish to compile glui applications, the glut files are needed as glui is based on glut.


glut.h installed in ..\Dev-Cpp\include\GL

glui.h installed in ..\Dev-Cpp\include\GL


libglut32.a installed in ..\Dev-Cpp\lib

libglui.a installed in ..\Dev-Cpp\lib


glut32.dll installed in C:\WINDOWS\system32

There is no glui dll file.

In order for your source code to be cross-platform (will compile and link on XP and Linux) you must:

Zip file of complete GLUI project