Our Alumni

Read what some of our alumni have to say.

“Thanks to the preparation I received in Information Systems Analysis and Information Systems Design, not only did I have the knowledge and skills necessary to complete such a large analysis and design specification, but I had the confidence to walk into a conference room in front of the people who make the decisions regarding my future at Medtronic Sofamor Danek and lay out all my ideas for the new system. The courses taught by Dr. Aguilar and Dr. Adkison are largely responsible for the position in which I currently find myself.”

Chris Miner 2003, IT Business Systems Analyst at Medtronic Sofamor Danek Manufacturing

“I used many of the experiences that I received from Dr. Aguilar’s class in my interviews. The interviewers liked hearing about the hands-on work and completeness that we did in Information Systems Analysis and Information Systems Design.”

Adam Gee 2001, Analyst, Spectrum Health

“I can’t believe I am doing stuff that I did in Information Systems Design! I am glad we did the TKS project because it was real life, not a ‘made-up’ scenario. Understanding the current system and talking to real users made a big difference in motivation.”

Jenni Smith 2003, Fluke Networks

“I very much enjoyed my time at Taylor. In addition to the Christian community, my education was very helpful. The degree requirements prepared me well for graduate school at UNC. I did not have to take any additional background courses as many incoming Ph.D. students do, and I felt prepared equally well with any of my peers in both theoretical and systems-oriented courses. The software development skills I honed at Taylor also helped prepare me for internships with Northrop Grumman and Google.”

Jeremy Erickson, BA Math/BS CS Scientific Computing Track 2009, Ph.D. student at UNC Chapel Hill

Alumni Stories

One of the most important aspects of any program is the people it produces. At Taylor, many of the alumni can attest to the value of the education they received. Here are some of their stories.