Real-world projects are the focus of our department. Students can work on multiple group projects over the course of their four years, and some classes are tailored to include group projects for that purpose. We put this much emphasis on group work because we believe it is important for computer science majors to be able to interact and communicate well with others.

The CSE program is about more than just real-world projects though. Students work on interesting projects of all kinds from the outset. These include artificial intelligence design, animation projects, simulations, and more. Students also have the opportunities to build fun little games with the knowledge they gain from class. Follow the link below to look more into some of the projects that our students have worked on. Also, note that some of these projects can be accomplished in the first year of being a comp sci major.

While some projects have been in cooperation with organizations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and Eli Lily, others are simply fun ideas that students explore. Also, many projects that our students and faculty are working on can be viewed at the Taylor Center for Missions Computing. Again, follow the link below to see these projects.

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Senior Projects

At Taylor, each senior completes a senior project during J-Term of their final year. These projects are often ideas that students have floating around, but their senior project time finally gives them the ability to sit down and complete their ideas. Here are some of the projects that students worked on in 2013:

Latest Project

Checkers Artificial Intelligence at Taylor UniversityIn the introductory class for computer science students, students build an artificial intelligence for the game commonly known as checkers. At the end of the semester, the students have an opportunity to play all of their automated players against each other in a tournament simulation. This project offers a rewarding chance for the intro students to show off their skills that they have picked up through the semester.

Taking a heuristic-based approach and using a basic graphics module, students build the game of checkers from the ground up. Think you have what it takes to best the competition? (You do). Come check out the program and take the Intro to Computational Problem-Solving course to find out! And don’t worry, you don’t have to create the new best world-class AI to learn a lot and pass the class. Challenging but possible is at the core of the computer science program at Taylor.