The People

While we try not to take pride in the types of faculty, staff and students the department attracts we can’t help but mention how great they are! The Faculty and staff are always willing to help a student out. They are great at making the students feel comfortable and take away something out of every interaction with them. Plus, it’s always a good time to be around them! It also helps that they really know their stuff! Our students (aside from being diligent learners) are just simply fun to be around! Conversations can range anywhere from the classic Star Wars/Star Trek/Avengers talk to places deep deep into theology or philosophy. Combined, we are able to achieve a level of understanding that wouldn’t be possible without each other. And through that understanding we are able to glorify God and give everything to Him.



This past year Taylor was blessed with the construction of the Euler Science Complex. This enabled the department to move out from the depths of what we called, “the dungeon” and onto the second floor of the new complex. Please take some time to check out our beautiful facilities.

Specialized Tracks

Something unique about our department is that we offer five specialized tracks. This provides more options for students who enjoy different aspects of computer science and engineering. So for example if a student enjoys working on AI, we have a track oriented specifically for that. On the other hand if a student likes more of the business side of computer science, we also have a specialized track for that. Please check out more about these tracks on our specialized tracks page.


Real-world projects are the focus of CSE. Students work on multiple group projects over the course of their four years in the program—and they study group dynamics in a class dedicated to that purpose. We put this much emphasis on group work because we believe it is important for computer scientists to be able to interact and communicate well with other people. Read More…