In support of the overall Taylor University mission, CSE’s mission is to educate men and women who sense God’s calling to technical professions involving information and computation—and their application in computer systems as embodied in the fields of computer science, systems, and computer engineering. This mission includes . . .

-producing an understanding of the need for continual learning in today’s quickly changing technological environment and providing the ability to utilize technology to achieve this end

-enhancing and broadening the university mission “to minister the redemptive love of Jesus Christ to a world in need” by fostering the desire and producing the ability to apply technology to support and accomplish this mandate

CSE endeavors to accomplish this mission with . . .

-commitment to honor God in all we do in pursuing academic and moral excellence

-commitment to nurture and pray for our students to aid them in becoming outstanding professionals motivated to serve Jesus Christ

-conviction that all truth, including mathematics and science, is God’s truth and that the Christian faith should permeate all learning

-commitment to provide a technically current and challenging curriculum that compares favorably with the best undergraduate programs in the nation

-commitment to provide service learning experiences to not only enrich students’ learning but also to bless the evangelical Christian church and advance the gospel

-commitment to provide an environment that fosters a visionary mindset and the desire for continued learning