-Our Premium Labs are equipped with new computers every summer.

-One specialized project room (approx 2,100 square feet of reconfigurable space for specialized upper-level computer projects).

-Not only do our students currently have access to 90 workstations, but we equip our labs so that students learn multiple back and front end computer languages, Operating Systems, database engines, and web development platforms.

-Several Macintosh computers used for iPhone/iPad/iPod application development.

-Other platforms for application development include Microsoft Kinect boxes, Android devices, and Lego’s Mindstorm robotic devices.


The CSE department currently has four general purpose computing labs available for student use. The computers in these labs are updated on a regular schedule. There are also several more classrooms that are generally used for teaching that have computers available to students.

-Lab 201 is used for class and instructional purposes and is equipped with dual high-resolution projectors. This room is equipped with 36 64-bit core i5 Intel computers with 6 GB of RAM and 24-inch LCD displays.

-Lab 217 contains 16 computers and lots of tabletop space for project work. This room is equipped with 16 64-bit core i7 Intel computers with 8 GB of RAM, solid state drives, and 27-inch LCD displays. This area is also refereed to as “The Project Space” and is often used by students for projects, meetings, and relaxing space as it also contains a couch area as well. Lab 217 also has a 42-inch EPSON T7000 wide-format printer for creating poster-size prints. This lab is used mainly by upperclassmen for working on projects and homework.

-Lab 218 is equipped with 8 64-bit core i7 Intel computers with 8 GB of RAM, solid state drives, and 27-inch LCD displays. It also includes 4 Mac minis with 24-inch LCD displays.

All the CSE lab computers dual boot into either Ubuntu Linux or Microsoft Windows 7. Wireless access is available in all labs for students who want to use their own computers.


While we use some of the labs for class, we also have two classrooms reserved just for computer science classes.

-Classroom 103 features a unique set up unlike the traditional one. The computers have been pushed against the walls and there is a big long white board table that students can roll back too when the class doesn’t require being on the computer.

-Classroom 200 is a traditional setup. However it does have two state of the art projectors. This classroom benefits from natural lighting and is quite a life saver for a computer science student whom may or may not have just spend hours looking at a computer screen.

Faculty Offices

The set up of our faculty offices is very welcoming for students who have questions or just want to pay a friendly visit. Featured above is the faculty office space, and the conference room. The conference room is also used for some upper level class presentations.

But what makes the CSE facilities at Taylor outstanding is not just the machines, but also the people using them. Professors and fellow students alike are always willing to help students out and provide a friendly working environment. We recommend that you come visit in person to get a hands-on view!