CSE Programs

The Computer Science and Engineering Department at Taylor University offers challenging courses in the following degree options.

Computer Science

  • Computer Science Degree Requirements
  • Choice of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS).
    • The BA degree is designed to provide a solid background in the field for those wishing to immediately enter a career in computer science or related fields.
    • The BS degree is designed primarily for students wishing to pursue graduate study in computer science.
    • The BS degree with Systems adds the systems analysis component to the existing BS degree.
  • Five concentrations are available including Business Information Systems, Graphics, Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence), Scientific Computing, and Software Studio.

Computer Science / New Media

  • Computer Science / New Media Degree Requirements
  • An interdisciplinary major offered by the Computer Science and Engineering, Communication, and Art departments.
  • Choice of Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) with Systems.

    • The BA degree prepares students in the development and support of computing tools in the creative arts.
    • The BS degree with Systems adds the systems analysis component.

Computer Engineering

  • Computer Engineering Degree Requirements
  • This ABET Accredited program is an interdisciplinary major offered jointly by the Computer Science and Engineering and Physics departments.
  • The major prepares students for employment and/or graduate programs involving robotics, bio-medical implants, small instrumentation, telecommunications, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and other complex hardware-software systems.

Systems Engineering

  • System Engineering Requirements
  • Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems.
  • It is offered jointly by the Computer Science, Math, and Physics and Engineering departments.

Computer Science Minor

  • Computer Science Minor Degree Requirements
  • With 25 credit hours in computer science and systems, a student can supplement a major in another field with a minor in computer science. A minor in computer science will give a student the tools necessary for proficiency in computer science, as several students have landed computer science related jobs despite only being minors.

Add Systems

  • Systems Degree Requirements
  • The systems curriculum is chosen by many computer science students because of their closely-tied relationship. Systems analysts often use the technical components and thinking that computer scientists tend to acquire, and the systems curriculum in turn helps the computer scientist have a more complete system-wide view of their programs.
  • Study what you love, add Systems, and get a great job upon graduation!
  • You can choose to add Systems to nearly any major, not just computer science.
  • Courses focus on analysis and design, leading to excellent preparation for working in any organization.